Annual Conference: Calgary, AB, 2018

The next CAC Annual Conference will be hosted by the Department of Classics of the University of Calgary in May 2018.

Website dedicated to the Annual Conference

Call for papers

Travel Assistance form (forthcoming). Students and those with a PhD but without a permanent academic position are eligible.

Official documents for the Annual General Meeting (forthcoming):

  • Agenda / Ordre du jour
  • Minutes of the 2017 AGM
  • Procès verbal de l’AGA de 2017
  • Financial Statement / États financiers
  • Donations en 2017 / Dons en 2017
  • Report of the Editor of Phoenix
  • Report of the Editors of Mouseion
  • Nominating Committee / Comité des candidatures
  • Notices of motions
  • Avis de motions

Please bring with you printed or electronic copies of these documents at the Annual General Meeting.

If you want to live tweet, we suggest the hashtag #cacscec2018.