Prize for the best graduate paper at the Annual General Meeting

In 2010 the Council of the CAC voted to award a prize of $100 for the best paper given by a graduate student at the Annual Meeting. A description of this award follows.

  1. All student members of the CAC currently enrolled in an M.A. or PhD graduate programme are eligible to enter. They must be members of the CAC in good standing, with dues paid for the current year. Their abstracts must have been accepted by the programme organizing committee for presentation at the upcoming CAC Annual Meeting.
  2. A student applying for this award should submit a full written version of his/her paper in electronic format (preferably PDF) to the Chair of the CAC Awards Committee, Professor Allison Glazebrook ( before the deadline of April 15th. This should be in essence the written version of the oral paper that will be delivered at the conference, its length appropriate to the time limit allotted for the presentation (15-20 minutes). A longer, more developed version of the paper will not be accepted.
  3. The criteria for judging the papers will include: (i) clarity of the point being made, one that is well argued and convincingly established; (ii) (as far as possible) contextualization of the argumentation in the scholarship of both the particular and general area of study; (iii) some sophistication in the argumentation, which may involve an acknowledgement of relevant theoretical issues.
  4. The CAC Awards Committee will establish a short list, normally of three papers. Members of the Awards Committee will attend the short-listed papers during the conference, and the quality of the oral delivery of the paper will be an important criterion in determining the winner. Candidates will be advised shortly before the beginning of the conference whether they are short-listed or not.
  5. The announcement of the winner will be made and the prize presented during the Annual General Meeting at the close of the conference, and the winner’s name will be announced in the CAC electronic newsletter in the fall.