Programmes spéciaux / Special Study Program

Institution : University of Toronto

Titre / Title : Summer courses

Dates : May 16-Aug 20, 2010

Date limite pour l'inscription / Application Date : March 1, 2010

De / From : Hugh Mason



Greek at the University of Toronto, summer 2010

Introductory Greek (GRK 100Y1Y) will be offered by the Department of Classics, University of Toronto, during the summer session, May 16-Aug 20, 2010

Details of this and other course offerings from the Department of Classics and other Departments are available on the Faculty of Arts and Science Website

Students who are enrolled at another University should apply to their own University of a "Letter of Permission" to have the course counted towards their degree and apply as "Visiting Students" to the UofT:


Those without a current affiliation can apply to the University of Toronto as "Non-degree students."

See the office of Admissions website

Click on "None of these applies to me" and then "Non-degree student."

The deadline appears to be March 1 for Non-degree students; for Visiting Students, the website stills shows 2009 deadlines, but students should not delay applying

Please contact me if you have any questions. There is no requirement to get the permission of the Department of Classics to take GRK 100Y

Hugh Mason


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