Programmes spéciaux / Special Study Program

Institution : University of Missouri-St. Louis

Titre / Title : Iklaina Excavation 2010 Season

Dates : May 28-June 17 and June 17-July 7

Date limite pour l'inscription / Application Date :

De / From : Michael Cosmopoulos



Fieldwork Opportunity at Pylos (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

The Iklaina Excavation is seeking students and volunteers for the 2010 field season (two sessions: May 28-June 17 and June 17-July 7). Iklaina is a Mycenaean town in the region of Pylos, identified in the Linear B tablets as a-pu2, one of the district capitals of the Hither Province (AJA 2006, pp. 205-228). The site includes two large building complexes (one of the megaron type), several houses, a Cyclopean terrace, and thousands of finds, including frescoes. The project includes excavation, travel to the major sites and museums in the Peloponnese, and evening classes and seminars on Greek culture, history, and archaeology. Students can receive 6 credits through the department of Anthropology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; volunteers on an auditing basis are also welcome to apply. Applications will be accepted until the project is filled. All relevant information, including application forms and registration instructions, can be found at the project website,


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