Programmes spéciaux / Special Study Program

Institution : Concordia University

Titre / Title : Crete through the Ages

Dates : May 3-30, 2010

Date limite pour l'inscription / Application Date : March 15, 2009

De / From : Jane Francis



Concordia University, Academic Study Tour 2010

May 3 - May 30, 2010

This course leads students through the monuments and artifacts of ancient, renaissance, and modern Crete, from the Late Neolithic period (ca. 3000 BC) to modern times. It addresses the remains of the Minoan civilization, the development of Greek culture on the island, the coming of the Romans, the Arabs, the Venetians, the Turks, World War II, and eventual independence and unification with the Modern Greek state. Special topics covered also include topography and landscape, the paintings of El Greco, the writings of Katzanzakis, and the change from paganism to Christianity. 

Students will be led through archaeological sites, monuments, and museums and lectured on these by Drs. J. Francis and G. Harrison, as well as numerous guest lecturers, museum directors, and excavation directors. Enrolled students will be required to present two on-site reports each on assigned topics and complete a final exam (3 credits). 

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