Programmes spéciaux / Special Study Program

Institution : University of Alberta

Titre / Title : Summer Study in Rome

Dates : August 5-29, 2010

Date limite pour l'inscription / Application Date : March 1, 2010

De / From : Steve Hijmans


The department of History and Classics of the University of Alberta is pleased to announce a *6 (six-credit) undergraduate and *3 (three-credit) graduate course in the city of Rome, from August 5 - 29, 2010. This course offers an in-depth study of the archaeology and monuments of Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and, yes, even modern Rome.

The city of Rome is unmatched for its concentration of art and architecture, making it one of the most fascinating urban centres of the world. We will not only visit her major monuments and museums, but also focus on lesser known or hidden treasures.

Outside Rome we will travel to Ostia, Tivoli, Palestrina, and Tarquinia. While ancient and medieval Rome are a central focus of the course, there will be ample attention for the art and architecture of later periods as well, making this course suitable not just for classicists, but also for (art) historians focusing on later periods, and in general for all those who have an interest in the art, architecture, and archaeology of the Eternal City.The course will be conducted by Steven Hijmans, associate professor in Roman art at the department of History and Classics of the University of Alberta. He lived in Rome for a number of years, and has conducted many tours of the city. Andrew Gow, professor of Medieval and Early Modern Europe will be giving guest lectures and an experienced and knowledgeable graduate Teaching Assistant will assist in conducting this trip.

For further information, please visit the department website's "Study Abroad" section, or contact Steven Hijmans,, 780-492 2561, Department of History and Classics, Tory 2-28, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB, T6G 2H4.

Application deadline: March 1, 2010
Prerequisites: flexible (see course website)




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