CAC Undergraduate Essay Contest for 2001-2002
Concours de dissertations pour étudiants de premier cycle, 2001-2002

Junior Level / Niveau junior

Joint First Prize / Premier prix conjoint

  • Jordan Diacur (Brock University) : "The Remarkable Life and Mysterious Death of Germanicus Caesar: A Modern Adaptation of an Ancient Tradition".
  • Catherine Pitre (University of Ottawa) : "Le premier triumvirat".

Senior Level / Niveau senior

First Prize / Premier prix

  • Michael J. Griffin (University of British Columbia) : "The POINIKASTAS in a Cretan City: Notes on the Archaic Cretan Inscription BM 1969.4-2.1".

Second Prize / Deuxième prix

  • Edwin Wong (University of Victoria) : "Incubation, or the Art of Objectifying Belief".

Third Prize / Troisième prix

  • Cory Verbauwhede (Simon Fraser University) : "Feud and Litigation in Athens: The Search for Judicial Independence in Classical Athens".

Honourable Mentions / Mentions honorables

  • Ian Ferguson (University of Toronto) : "Authority and Subordination: Slavery and Social Status in Classical Athens".
  • Jean-Francois Lozier (University of Ottawa) : "Le pays paradoxe ou les deux Scythies d'Herodote".
  • Jacob Wall (University of Waterloo) : "Dionysus' Mysteries in Aristophanes' Frogs: Irony in the Underworld".
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