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Volume 9.3.2 (2002 12 03)
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Conference Announcement
                 (Xavier University)

1. Conference Announcement
From: Jane Francis, Concordia University
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An Academic Colloquium and Production of Euripides’ Cyclops
Friday and Saturday, 21-22 February 2003
Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

Organized by G.W. Mallory Harrison <> and Jane Francis <>
Information: Tel: 513.745.1930      Fax: 513.745.1955

Sponsored by
Department of Classics, Xavier University
Archaeological Society, Xavier University
Wheeler Fund, Xavier University
Office of Special Events, Xavier University
Office of the Dean, Arts and Science, Xavier University
John Grissmer Fund for the Performing Arts
Xavier Honors Programs
Senior Classical League, Xavier University

Friday, 21 February
Long Recital Hall

8:00  Coffee
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
Roger Fortin (Academic Vice-President) and Dr. Janice Walker (Dean, Arts & Sciences)

Session 1:  Edmund Cueva (Xavier University), Chair

12:15 Lunch (Honors House)

Session 2:  Barbara Breitenberger (University of Cincinnati), Chair

3:30 Tea

Session 3:  Denise McCoskey (Miami University), Chair
6:00 Dinner (Schott Airy)

8:00 Play: Euripides’ Cyclops by the Xavier Players (Gallagher Student Center)
George Mallory (translator); Piotr Kamefiti (director); Cathy Springfield (producer)

Saturday, 22 February
Schott Airy

9:30 Coffee

Session 4:  Frank Shaw (Xavier University), Chair
12:30 Lunch (Honors House)

Session 5:  Shannon Byrne (Xavier University), Chair

4:00 Conclusion: George W. Mallory Harrison

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