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Desmond Conacher Scholarship Fund

From: Martin Cropp, University of Calgary

Desmond Conacher Scholarship Fund

The Classical Association of Canada has set up a scholarship fund in memory of Desmond Conacher.  The scholarship will  be offered to Canadian students (citizens or landed immigrants) entering a graduate  programme in Classical Studies, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, or Classical Archaeology at any Canadian university.  A target of at least $50,000 has been set, which should endow a scholarship of at least $2,500 plus allowance for inflation.  The fund has received warm and generous support from Mary Conacher and her family.  With their gift and many other personal donations already made, the fund is well on the way to reaching this target.  This will be the first award of its kind sponsored by the CAC, and we hope that it will set a precedent for building further scholarship funds in the future.

We invite both immediate donations and pledges for annual donations for up to five years.  The Association will issue receipts which may be used for charitable tax-deductions as appropriate.  Reminders will be issued for donations pledged in future years. A list of donors' names will be published (with allowance for anonymity).

Further information and a donation-form are available at

A donation-form can also be requested from Professor Martin Cropp, Department of Greek & Roman Studies, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive N.W., Calgary AB T2N 1N4  <>

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