The Canadian Classical Bulletin — Le Bulletin canadien des Études anciennes
20.07        2014–03–17        ISSN 1198-9149

Editor / rédacteur: Guy Chamberland (Thorneloe University at Laurentian University)

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Newsletter of the Classical Association of Canada
Bulletin de la Société canadienne des Études classiques

President / président: Patrick Baker (Université Laval)
Secretary / secrétaire: Guy Chamberland (Laurentian University)
Treasurer / trésorière: Ingrid Holmberg (University of Victoria)

Contents / Sommaire

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de la Société
  • Desmond Conacher Scholarship (reminder) / Bourse Desmond-Conacher (rappel)
  • Annual General Meeting: on-line registration now open (reminder) / Congrès annuel: inscription en ligne maintenant accessible (rappel)
[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA
  • Three notes from the Editor / Trois notices du rédacteur
[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler
  • Trent: three limited-term appointments
[4] Conferences & Lectures; Calls for Papers / Conférences; appels à communications
  • Delphi: Greek ethnos states: internal mechanics, external relations
[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours
  • No announcements in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci
[6] Summer Study, Field Schools, Special Programmes / Cours d'été et écoles de terrain, programmes spécialisés
  • Fondation Humanitas: Summer courses in Latin & Greek / Cours d'été de latin et de grec
  • Academia Vivarii Novi: Summer courses in Latin
[7] Varia (including members' new books / dont les nouveaux livres des membres)
  • One new book

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de la Société


From Bonnie MacLachlan

This scholarship is offered in memory of Desmond Conacher, formerly Professor of Classics at Trinity College, Toronto, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and Honorary President of the CAC. Its purpose is to assist and encourage a young scholar entering graduate studies in classics. The scholarship is administered by the CAC through its Awards Committee. One award of $2,500 is offered each year. Deadline for applications: April 1, 2014. For details see the CAC website.

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Cette bourse est offerte en mémoire de Desmond Conacher, ancien Professeur d'études classiques à Trinity College, Toronto, membre de la Société royale du Canada et Président honoraire de la Société canadienne d'études classiques. Ses objectifs sont d'encourager et de soutenir financièrement un(e) jeune étudiant(e) entreprenant(e) des études supérieures en études classiques au Canada. La Fondation est administrée par la Société canadienne d'études classiques et son Comité de sélection. Une bourse de 2500 $ est attribuée chaque année. Les candidatures devraient être acheminées au plus tard le 1er avril. Les détails sont disponibles sur le site web de la SCÉC.


From the Editor / Du rédacteur

It is now possible to register on-line for the next Annual General Meeting. Please follow this link.

A page for the 2014 AGM was created on the CAC website as well, where the usual documents (agenda, minutes of the previous AGM, motions, etc.) will be uploaded at least a month before the meeting.

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L'inscription en ligne au prochain congrès annuel est maintenant accessible: suivez ce lien.

Une page dédiée au congrès a aussi été créée sur le site de la SCÉC; les documents concernant l'assemblée générale annuelle (ordre du jour, procès verbal de l'assemblée générale annuelle de 2013, motions, etc.) y seront affichés au moins un mois à l'avance.

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA

From the Editor / Du rédacteur


My apologies for sending this issue a bit late. Although the Ides of March have now passed, I wouldn't miss an opportunity to recall the momentous event that took place on that day in the year 44 BCE. The vignette in the header is a detail from a painting by Vincenzo Camuccini (1798?). By the way, the next Ides fall on April 13th.


J'en profite aussi pour souhaiter la bienvenue aux nouveaux membres! Welcome to all new members!


For those of you on Twitter, Aven McMaster (@AvenSarah) and I (@GuyChamberland) have started to use the hashtag #cacscec. I use it, for example, when I provide a link to new issues of the CCB and for any other CAC news, including announcements about the 2014 AGM at McGill in Montreal. We hope some of you will find it useful during the AGM.

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler


From Kathy Axcell

The Department of Ancient History & Classics invites applications for three limited- term, nine-month positions, to start August 1, 2014, at the Assistant Professor level. All appointments are subject to budgetary approval.

Minimum qualifications for appointments are a PhD in Classics by the time of appointment and a demonstrated commitment to excellence in both teaching and research. Candidates should specify for which position(s) they are applying (LTA 1, LTA 2, and/or LTA 3 as described below); candidates may apply for more than one. Each limited-term instructor will be responsible for the equivalent of three courses per term and will deliver up to three guest lectures for our foundational courses on the Trojan War and Its Legacy. Instructors will also contribute to Departmental service.

LTA 1 is an archaeology position. We anticipate the successful candidate will teach AHCL 1001H (Case Studies in Classical Archaeology); 2206H (Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Rome); 2350H (Greek and Roman Mythology); and 3240H (Etruscan Archaeology) in addition to two half-courses in intermediate Latin and Latin prose or poetry.

LTA 2 is a classical literature position. We anticipate the successful candidate will teach AHCL 2301H (Introduction to Greek Literature); 2302H (Introduction to Latin Literature); 3310H (Love, Sex and Death in Ancient Greece); and one half-course in intermediate Greek and Greek prose or poetry. The successful applicant will also be responsible for the co-delivery of AHCL 1401H and 1402H (two foundational courses focusing on the Trojan War and Its Legacy). We particularly welcome applications from candidates who could contribute to our annual Conacher Players/Classics Drama Group.

LTA 3 is an archaeology/history position. We anticipate the successful candidate will teach AHCL 2201H (Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology); 2205H (Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Greece); 2230H (The Ancient City); a third-year archaeology or civilizations course such as 3221H (State Religion in Ancient Greece and Rome); and one of 3110H (The Hellenistic Age) or 3120H (The Late Roman Empire) in addition to one half-course in intermediate Greek.

Applications should be submitted in electronic (PDF) format and should include a cover letter (including specification of LTA 1, 2, and/or 3), a curriculum vitae, and documentation of teaching effectiveness. Applicants should also arrange for three confidential letters of recommendation to be sent, in electronic format, to attention Byron Stoyles, Acting Chair, Department of Ancient History and Classics.

Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. EST on March 28, 2014.

Questions about the positions should be directed to Dr. Byron Stoyles, Acting Chair, e-mail:

Trent University is actively committed to creating a diverse and inclusive campus community and encourages applications from qualified candidates from the following groups: women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and Aboriginal persons. In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

[4] Conferences & Lectures; Calls for Papers / Conférences; appels à communications

International Symposium
"Greek ethnos states: internal mechanics, external relations"
Delphi, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, May 25—27, 2015
Organizers: Professors Hans Beck (McGill) and Kostas Buraselis (Athens)

From Hans Beck

The 'ethnic turn' has led to a paradigm shift in Classics and Ancient History. In Greek history, it toppled the traditional view that the various ethnos states of the Classical and Hellenistic periods (the Boiotians, Achaians, Malians, and others) drew on a late-Mycenaean pedigree of tribal togetherness. Instead, it appears that their leagues were built on essentially changing, flexible, and relatively late constructions of regional identities that took shape most often only in the Archaic period.

The implications are far-reaching. They impact the conception of an ethnos' political organization, including the full array of non-violent interactions between the members of the league; and they spill over into the study of external relations. It has been posited that in their conduct of foreign policy, ethnē often resorted to a federal program. Did ethnē emulate each other, and did they inspire others to adopt a federal organization? More recently, it was argued that their foreign policy was charged with ethnicized attitudes. Did the idea of ethnic togetherness generally influence foreign policy? And, did everyone subscribe to the same blueprint of ethnicized claims? This question is an important one. If the members of a league disagreed on this issue, it becomes obvious that the basic tenets of ethnic identity, commonly understood as aggregative forces, were also prone to fuel sentiments of political fragmentation within an ethnos.

The European Cultural Centre of Delphi is a congenial venue to discuss the foreign policy of ethnē and explore the potential direction of future research in the field. The conference program includes visits to the site and museum of Delphi as well as the Plain of Krisa.

Submissions of paper proposals (max. 500 words) should be sent to one of the two organizers at or by May 30, 2014. Conference languages: English, French, German.

The Delphi Centre offers subsidized accommodation to participants for the duration of the event, including the arrival day (May 24 to May 27).

The publication of papers presented at the symposium is intended (peer review).

[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours

No announcements in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci

[6] Summer Study, Field Schools, Special Programmes /
Cours d'été, écoles de terrain, programmes spécialisés


From/De Denis Brault

Latin and Ancient Greek courses. Beginners and advanced levels (July 1-18 - day). Open to students and general public. Held at Loyola High School (Montreal). Offered by La Fondation Humanitas ( Information:

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Cours de latin et de grec ancien. Niveaux débutant et avancé (1-18 juillet - jour). Ouverts aux étudiants et au grand public. Cours donnés à Loyola High School (Montréal). Offerts par La Fondation Humanitas ( Renseignements:


From the Editor

The Academia Vivarii Novi offers intensive summer Latin courses in Rome. Please follow this link.

[7] Varia (including members' new books / dont les nouveaux livres des membres)

Duncan Fishwick, Cult Places and Cult Personnel in the Roman Empire, Ashgate Variorum Collected Studies 1039, March 2014, Pp. 392. ISBN 978-1-4724-1473-1

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