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19.10.2        2013–06–27        ISSN 1198-9149

Editor / rédacteur: Guy Chamberland (Thorneloe University at Laurentian University)

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Newsletter of the Classical Association of Canada
Bulletin de la Société canadienne des Études classiques

President / président: Patrick Baker (Université Laval)
Secretary / secrétaire: Guy Chamberland (Université Laurentienne)
Treasurer / trésorière: Ingrid Holmberg (University of Victoria)

Contents / Sommaire

[1] Association and CCB Announcements / Annonces de la Société et du BCÉA
  • Grace Irwin Award / Prix Grace-Irwin
[2] Positions Available / Postes à combler
  • Manitoba: five single-term courses
[3] Varia
  • No announcements in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci

[1] Association & CCB Announcements / Annonces de la Société et du BCÉA


From Bonnie MacLachlan

The Grace Irwin Award, worth $500, is designed to reward a secondary school teacher of Latin, Ancient Greek or Classical Civilization who is seeking to upgrade existing abilities by engaging in different types of activities such as an accredited training course or travel to see artefacts/exhibits.

This year's winner is Matthew Skinner, a teacher at Humberside Collegiate, the same school where Grace Irwin taught for 38 years until her retirement in 1968. Mr. Skinner currently teaches Latin to 161 students and Classical Civilization to another 80. He intends to complete his teaching certification in Classical Studies and in History, and on his horizon is a planned trip to Crete.

My thanks to Maggie Rogow and Phil Snider, the members of this Awards Committee, for their selection of this most deserving teacher.

Respectfully submitted by

Bonnie MacLachlan

CAC Vice-President and Chair of the Awards Committee

[2] Positions Available / Postes à combler


From Mark Joyal

The Department of Classics at the University of Manitoba is seeking instructors to teach five single-term courses in the 2013–14 academic year. These courses are:

  • CLAS 1270 (CSTR.100.134, CSTR.100.135) — Introduction to Ancient Greek Culture (one section in the fall term, one section in the winter term)
  • CLAS 1280 (CSTR.100.136) — Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture (one section in the winter term)
  • CLAS 2150 (CSTR.100.137) — Greek History: Classical Greece, 479–323 BC (one section in the winter term)
  • CLAS 2520 (CSTR.100.138) — Greek and Roman Mythology (CLAS 2520 — one section in the fall term)

All applications for these positions must be made on-line at the following site:

Click on "Support/Managerial, Sessional Instructor, CUPE/Student" and search under the relevant CSTR number given above. Candidates who wish to apply for more than one position must complete separate applications for each of them.

The deadline is July 5, 2013. For more information on these courses and positions, contact Mark Joyal:

[3] Varia

No announcements in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci

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