The Canadian Classical Bulletin — Le Bulletin canadien des Études anciennes
19.05        2013–01–17        ISSN 1198-9149

Editor / rédacteur: Guy Chamberland (Thorneloe University at Laurentian University)

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Newsletter of the Classical Association of Canada
Bulletin de la Société canadienne des Études classiques

President / président: Patrick Baker (Université Laval)
Secretary / secrétaire: Guy Chamberland (Laurentian University)
Treasurer / trésorière: Ingrid Holmberg (University of Victoria)

Contents / Sommaire

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de la Société
  • Formal call for nominations – 2013 / Appel officiel de candidatures – 2013
[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA
  • A few short notes from the Editor / Quelques notices du rédacteur
[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler
  • No announcements in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci
[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Conférences; appels à communications
  • Bologna / Cagliari: Ricerche a confronto 2013
  • MUN: Between Text & Praxis: reminder & new deadline
[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours
  • CIG: Leipen Fellowship / ICG: Bourse Leipen
[6] Summer Study, Field Schools, Online Courses / Cours d'été, écoles de terrain, cours "en ligne"
  • Caere Project 2013: Excavation of an Etruscan City in Central Italy
  • Archaeological Field School in Italy at San Felice
  • Study Tour to Turkey
[7] Varia (including members' new books / dont les nouveaux livres des membres)
  • Trent's Classics Drama Group: Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis
  • Invitation to request a PDF file of "The Enlightenment Gone Mad"

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de la Société


From / De Alison Keith


The Nominating Committee (2013) of the Classical Association of Canada –Catherine Bolton (Concordia), Alison Keith (Toronto, Chair, ex officio), Bruce Robertson (Mt Allison) and Cedric Littlewood (Victoria)– invites members to submit nominations for five positions which will fall vacant in May 2013:

  • Three Council members, 2013–2016 (The retiring members are J. Porter (Saskatchewan), K. Simonsen (MUN), and K. Olson (Western))
  • Editor, Webpage (The retiring member is C. Eilers (McMaster))
  • Member at large of the Association for the CAC Equity Committee, 2013–2014

All nominations must meet the requirements of the By-Laws of the Association (see FORM) and be submitted to the Secretary by 20 February 2013 at the following address:

Dr. Guy Chamberland, Secretary, CAC/SCEC
Department of Classical Studies
Thorneloe College of Laurentian University
Sudbury, ON. P3E 2C6
Fax: 705–673–4979; e-mail:

::::::::: ::::::: ::::: ::: : ::: ::::: ::::::: :::::::::


Le comité des candidatures (2013) de la Société Canadienne des Études Classiques –Catherine Bolton (Concordia), Alison Keith (Toronto, Présidente, ex officio), Bruce Robertson (Mt Allison) et Cedric Littlewood (Victoria)– invite les membres à soumettre des mises en candidature pour cinq postes vacants à partir de mai 2013:

  • Trois membres du conseil, 2013–2016 (les membres sortants sont J. Porter (Saskatchewan), K. Simonsen (MUN) et K. Olson (Western))
  • Webmestre (pour remplacer C. Eilers (McMaster))
  • Un membre régulier de la Société pour le Comité d'équité, 2013–2014

Toutes les mises en candidature doivent être conformes aux règlements de la Société (voir le formulaire) et être soumises au secrétaire, le 20 février 2013 au plus tard, à l'adresse suivante:

Dr. Guy Chamberland, Secrétaire, CAC/SCÉC
Department of Classical Studies
Thorneloe College of Laurentian University
Sudbury, ON. P3E 2C6
Fax : 705–673–4979; e-mail:

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA

From the Editor / Du rédacteur

I—In the past several weeks I contacted some 65 CAC ex-members and non-members to ask them whether they still wished to receive the Bulletin. If you're one of them, please reply before the end of this month, otherwise your name will be removed from the list. I would rather keep you on my list, but periodical updates are necessary.

II—Recently I was informed that the link to the CCB was buried in the email message I send to inform you that a new issue has been posted. At my end of things, everything looks beautiful, but please do let me know if your display is problematic: I may be able to do something about it.

III—You probably noticed, too, that I am now including a Table of Contents in the email.

IV—For those among you who are looking for a position, you may find much useful material in the APA's Checklist of advice for job candidates in Classics.

V—In this issue there are three announcements of summer courses abroad. Since very few undergraduate students read the CCB, I invite all course instructors to inform their students of those interesting opportunities.

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler

No announcement in this issue / Rien à signaler dans ce numéro-ci.

[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Conférences; appels à communications


From/De: Sebastiano C. Loukas
(le français sous l'anglais)

PhD and MA students of the Rodopis cultural association, with the support of the Department of History, Cultures, Civilisations (Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Civiltà) of the University of Bologna and in cooperation with the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics (Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica) of the University of Cagliari announce a series of 8 postgraduate seminars to take place in April and May 2013 at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna and at the University of Cagliari.

We aim to support discussion and meeting among students of different provenance, interests and age: therefore papers will deal with ancient history, philology, archaeology, numismatics, papyrology, epigraphy, art history, religion history, anthropology, sociology, Byzantine studies, without any kind of subject restrictions. Papers may be presented in English or Italian, in order to make the seminars as accessible as possible.

The first five seminars will be held in Bologna, the latter three in Cagliari, on a weekly basis on Wednesday afternoons: scheduled dates are 4, 11, 18, 24 April and 9 May; 16, 23, 30 May. Any change in the dates will be announced by March. Every meeting will feature two presentations of 30 mn each, followed by discussion.

PhD and MA students are invited to submit a 250-word abstract, also suggesting possible dates during which they would NOT be available.

Abstracts must be sent in an anonymous .pdf file (file name: first three words of the title) not later than 18th February 2013 to (email subject: RAC 2013 abstract). A commission chosen among the association members (excluding the receiver of the abstract) will select the successful papers, whose authors will be contacted by the 1st March 2013.

Travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered, but all necessary informations and logistic support will be provided.

Rodopis will also release a formal certificate of attendance if needed, at the end of the seminar.
Thank you very much.


Sebastiano C. Loukas
Valeria Melis
Università degli Studi di Torino – Università degli Studi di Cagliari

::::::::: ::::::: ::::: ::: : ::: ::::: ::::::: :::::::::

Avec l'approbation du Département d’Histoire, Culture, Civilisations (Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Civiltà dell'Università di Bologna) et en collaboration avec le Département Département de Philologie, Littérature et Linguistique de l’Université des études de Cagliari (Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica dell'Università di Cagliari), les doctorants et étudiants de Master de l'association RODOPIS proposent un nouveau cycle de huit rencontres qui se tiendront en Avril et Mai 2013 à l'Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna et à l'Università di Cagliari.

Notre but est de favoriser les rencontres entre jeunes spécialistes en Antiquité classique de différentes formations et aux intérêts variés. Les contributions pourront concerner des problématiques d'histoire ancienne, de philologie, d’archéologie, de numismatique, de papyrologie, d’épigraphie, d’histoire de l'art, d’histoire des religions, d’anthropologie, de sociologie ou d’histoire byzantine, sans restrictions dans les sujets traités.

Les rencontres auront lieu chaque semaine à partir du début du mois d'avril: les cinq premières se dérouleront à Bologne, dans le Département d’Histoire, Culture, Civilisations (Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Civiltà dell'Università di Bologna), les trois suivants à Cagliari, dans le Département de Philologie, Littérature et Linguistique de l’Université des études de Cagliari (Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica dell'Università di Cagliari). Les dates fixées sont le 4, 11, 18, 24 Avril et 9 Mai; 16, 23, 30 Mai. Tout changement de date sera communiqué avant la fin de Mars. Chaque rencontre se composera de deux exposés de trente minutes chacun suivi d’une discussion.

Les doctorants et étudiants de Master intéressés sont invités à envoyer un extrait de 250 mots et à indiquer deux dates possibles pour présenter leur exposé. Les exposés pourront être présentés en italien et en anglais, pour favoriser la compréhension de tous les auditeurs.

Les extraits doivent être envoyés en format .pdf et anonymes (le nom du fichier sera RAC 2013 abstract) avant le 18 Février 2013 à l'adresse électronique suivante:; ils seront jugés par un comité scientifique désigné par les membres de l'association. Les auteurs des extraits choisis seront contactés avant le 1er Mars 2013.

Nous n'aurons pas la possibilité de dédommager leurs frais de voyage ni de fournir un logement aux participants, mais nous leur fournirons toutes les informations et le soutien nécessaires.

L'association Rodopis délivrera un certificat de participation au séminaire sur demande.

Bien cordialement,

Sebastiano C. Loukas
Valeria Melis
Università degli Studi di Torino – Università degli Studi di Cagliari


From: Milo Nikolic

The Department of Classics at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's will be hosting an open collaborative workshop on the history of medicine, science, and technology as well as other related fields. We are calling out to potential participants who have a work in progress on any aspect of the above fields and would like to share and invite feedback. The work in progress can be, for example, a manuscript in progress or a conference paper that could be converted to an article manuscript.

Ideally, we are planning for six to eight participants who will circulate their working documents among one another prior to the workshop. The aim is to emerge with a substantially more complete manuscript ready to submit for consideration in a special edition of Mouseion.

The intended format will allow one hour per participant, during which the presenter presents a 20-minute synopsis of his or her paper. This presentation can, according to the presenter's preference, be followed by any or a combination of the following:

  • a Q&A period
  • a brainstorming session
  • an editing and bibliographic session
  • a suggestion & critique session
  • a roundtable discussion
  • theory and methodology

Limited financial support is available to defray expenses, but participants are encouraged to seek their own funding.

Please send a description of your work and include your name, position, and affiliation, and the subject of your research. You should also indicate at what stage your document will be at the time of the workshop. Proposals must be submitted by e-mail attachment to Milo Nikolic ( by February 15, 2013 with a response by the last week of February.

This announcement can also be found here:

[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours


From/De: Sheila Campbell
(English follows)

L’Institut canadien en Grèce sollicite les candidatures pour la bourse d'études Neda et Franz Leipen à Athènes, Grèce du 1er septembre 2013 au 31 mai 2014.

Le candidat doit être citoyen canadien, ou immigrant reçu, doit poursuivre des études avancées ou post-doctorales et doit avoir besoin de séjourner en Grèce.

En plus de ses études, le boursier assistera le directeur adjoint de l'ICG dans le travail du bureau et de la bibliothèque (10 heures par semaine). On recommande donc une expérience antérieure en Grèce et au moins un peu de grec moderne.

Tout aspect des études helléniques, de l’antiquité jusqu’au âge moyen, et n’importe quelle discipline académique peut servir de point focal des recherches du boursier; cependant une préférence sera accordée au candidat qui travaille dans le domaine de la sculpture grecque de l’époque classique jusqu’à l’époque hellénistique. Dans toute publication éventuelle de ses recherches conduites sous les auspices de cette bourse, le boursier reconnaîtra l’assistance de l’Institut canadien en Grèce ainsi que celle de la Bourse d’études Neda et Franz Leipen.

Allocation de $8000 et logement à l'hôtellerie de l'ICG pendant le séjour.

Écrire avant le 1er Mars 2013, en incluant un curriculum vitae, une description du programme de recherche et trois lettres de recommandation à l'addresse ci-dessous.

Professor Sheila Campbell
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
59 Queen’s Park Cresc.
Toronto Ont. M5S 2C4

::::::::: ::::::: ::::: ::: : ::: ::::: ::::::: :::::::::


The Canadian Institute in Greece invites applications for The Neda and Franz Leipen Fellowship to be held in Athens, Greece, from 1 September, 2013 to 31 May, 2014

The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, pursuing graduate or post-doctoral studies, and have a clear need to work in Greece.

In addition to his or her studies, the Fellow will spend at least nine months resident in Athens and will provide ten hours of assistance weekly at the Canadian Institute in Greece in the office or library, as well as assisting at the public functions of CIG. The nature of this work is to be determined in consultation with the Director. Some previous experience in Greece and some knowledge of modern Greek is an asset, although not a requirement.

The Fellow’s research focus may be any aspect of Hellenic studies, from ancient to mediaeval, and in any academic discipline, but preference will be given to a candidate working in the field of Classical to Hellenistic Greek sculpture. In any subsequent publication of the research work done  under the auspices of this fellowship, the recipient will acknowledge both the Canadian Institute in Greece and The Neda and Franz Leipen Fellowship.

The Fellow will receive a stipend of $8,000 and free accommodations in the CIG hostel for the period of the fellowship.

Applications should be postmarked before March 1, 2013, and should include a curriculum vitae, a description of the planned program of research, and three letters of reference. These should be sent to:

Professor Sheila Campbell
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
59 Queen’s Park Cresc.
Toronto Ont. M5S 2C4

[6] Summer Study, Field School, Online Courses / Cours d'été, écoles de terrain, cours "en ligne"


From: Fabio Colivicchi

Cerveteri is a town on the West coast of Italy, 48 km North of Rome, which lies on the site of the Etruscan city of Cisra, called Caere by the Romans. Caere was one of the metropoleis of the ancient Mediterranean, a rich and powerful city which was an ally of Carthage and developed good relationships with its southern neighbors the Romans. The site is famous for its necropolis of rock-cut tombs imitating houses complete with carved furniture and decorations, recently listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many of the most famous Etruscan artworks, such as the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, were found in the tombs of Caere. While the cemetery has early attracted scholarly attention, the exploration of the city has begun much later. Though some sanctuaries are known, the general plan of the city is still largely unknown.

The team of the Queen’s University will continue the investigation a religious compound in the centre of the city, the so-called “hypogeum of Clepsina” consisting of an underground room with frescoes, sketches and inscriptions, and a network of corridors and stairways. This has been identified as the cult place of the ancestors of the community and the seat of rituals dealing with its foundation and its destiny, also including divination. The orientation of the complex may depend on Etruscan religious and cosmological beliefs, which might have determined, or at least conditioned, the master plan of the whole city. The excavation will also investigate the urban area near the hypogeum, where a regular urbanization pattern is coming to light.

Field activities will include classes on Etruscan and Roman archaeology, field methods of archaeology, field conservation, and other topics of interest. During weekends daytrips to Rome and to Etruscan and Roman sites and museums of the region will be organized.

Participants can either enrol into the full-credit course CLST 409 Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum or the graduate course CLAS 809 or join as volunteers. Non-Queen’s students may ask for credit transfer.

Program dates: May 11th – June 8th, 2013

Contact person: Dr. Fabio Colivicchi

For additional information see the excavation website or the Departmental website


From: Hans vanderLeest

The 2013 Archaeological Field School at San Felice in southern Italy will allow students the opportunity to learn archaeological techniques through participation as part of a research team that is excavating a Roman villa that appears to have been part of an imperial estate lying on the Via Appia in Roman Apulia. The villa lies on the slope of a hill overlooking part of the estate that held a small settlement and cemetery. A team from Mount Allison University and St. Mary's University has been excavating parts of the villa since 2005, uncovering a variety of rooms and corridors with their associated artefacts. We will continue to excavate this year in order to understand the villa and its role within the imperial estate. Students will gain experience in excavating and recording on site, and is working with recovered remains in the dig house and the museum.

This year’s season will run from 30 June – 5 August. The cost of $2000 (Canadian) covers a student’s accommodations and food (except for weekend travel), program and equipment costs for the field school, and local transportation to and from the site. This fee is exclusive of airfare and tuition for one or two three credit courses (offered by Mount Allison University). Students who do not wish the credits may still participate by auditing one course.  In addition students are responsible for the costs of any travel they undertake in Italy. There are no prerequisites for the field school, and students from any discipline will be considered.

Anyone interested should contact Dr. Hans vanderLeest ( Consideration of applicants for the field school will begin early in February, with places being offered to students starting before the end of February and continuing until all places are filled.

[Editor's note: See also this poster]


From: Fanny Dolansky

Brock University — Department of Classics' Study Tour to Turkey (CLAS/VISA 3M24), May 7-27, 2013

Introduction to the major monuments of Turkey in Istanbul, Cappodocia, and the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Students visit sites and museums that reflect the vast cultural landscape of Turkey from the Bronze Age to the present day, with particular attention devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity. Mosques, churches, and museums reflecting the culture of Byzantine and Ottoman Turkey form a highlight of our stay in Istanbul.

This course is worth one full credit at the third-year level. Non-Brock students are welcome to participate and can take the course on a letter of permission.

Applications and $500 deposit due by 28 January 2013. Please contact Elizabeth Greene ( or Fanny Dolansky ( for more details. Additional information, including application form and a preliminary syllabus, can be found at:

[7] Varia (including members' new books / dont les nouveaux livres des membres)


From: Kathy Axcell

Trent's Classics Drama Group presents

Iphigenia at Aulis

Directed by George Kovacs; Scripted by Euripides and Mary-Kay Gamel

When? Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 3 pm

Where? George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College, 15 Devonshire Place, Toronto

Tickets: $10/person

Contact or call 705-748-1011 x7848 for ticket reservations.

R. FRIEDRICH, "The Enlightenment Gone Made"

From the Editor

Prof. Rainer Friedrich would be happy to send anyone interested a PDF of his ARION piece, "The Enlightenment Gone Mad" (I) & (II). To contact him: Rainer.Friedrich@Dal.Ca.

Next regular issue   2013–02–15 / Prochaine livraison régulière   2013–02–15

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