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[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de l'Association
• Tenure-stream appointments and departures 2010–2011
• Graduate Student Caucus: Google Groups website / Caucus des Étudiants gradués: site "Google Groupes"

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA
• No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler
• No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Conférences; appels à communications
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[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours
• No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[6] Summer Study, Field Schools, Online Courses / Cours d'été, écoles de terrain, cours "en ligne"
• Saint Mary's: Archaeological field school in Italy, 2012

[7] Varia (including members' new books and PhD dissertations / dont les nouveaux livres et thèses de doctorat des membres)
• Send your PhD or MA thesis to the CIG / Thèses de doctorat et mémoires de maîtrise pour l'ICG
• Two new books this month / Deux nouveaux livres ce mois-ci
• Les "Chroniques des fouilles" sont maintenant en ligne
• News from the Classical Association of Zimbabwe
• OCA: "Because Classics matters!"

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces et nouvelles de l'Association

From: Alison Keith

                                   TENURE-STREAM APPOINTMENTS AND DEPARTURES 2010—2011


Departure / Retirement



Beert Verstraete (2011)


Patricia Coyne (2010)

British Columbia

David Creese (2011)

Michael Griffin (2010)


Jack Mitchell (2010)
Emily Varto (2011)


Thomas Schmidt (2009)
Ella Hermon (2010)

Anne-France Morand (2011)
Christel Freu (2011)


Marie-Claire Beaulieu (2010)

Michael Sampson (2011)


Lynn Kozak (2010)
Thasos Anastassiadis (2011)


Martin Beckmann (2010)

New Brunswick: Fredericton

John Geyssen (2011)

Toronto: St. George

Hugh Mason (2011)

Toronto: Mississauga

Catherine Rubincam (2011)

Western Ontario

Elizabeth Greene (2011)
Randall Pogorzelski (2011)


Matthew Gibbs (Aug. 2011)


Guy Métraux (2010)
Steve Mason (2011)

From: Chris Wallace

Dear Graduate Students,

The Graduate Student Caucus (GSC) of the Classical Association of Canada is pleased to invite you to join its Google Groups website. It is designed to be the discussion and information hub for Canadian graduate students in Classics and Ancient History. Here you will find call for papers, future motions and elections of the GSC, and other discussions pertinent to our fields and profession.

To sign up, follow this link:

Click on “Sign in and apply for membership” on the left side of the page. Then in the upper right-hand corner click on “Sign up for a new Google Account.” Next choose to use either a Gmail account (first column) or another email address (second column). To be clear, one does not require a Google (Gmail) account to sign up for Google Groups.

We look forward to sharing and discussing with you there!

The Graduate Student Caucus of the Classical Association of Canada


Chers étudiants des cycles supérieurs,

Le Caucus des Étudiants des cycles supérieurs (CÉCS) de l’Association Canadienne des Études Classiques vous invite à vous joindre à notre Groupe Google. Ce groupe a été conçu afin de rendre possible la communication et l’accès à l’information pour tous les étudiants des cycles supérieurs en Études Classiques ou Histoire Ancienne. Sur ce site, on peut trouver des appels à communications, des futures propositions et élections du CÉCS, et autres discutions pertinentes pour notre champs d’intérêt.

Pour s’y inscrire, accédez au lien suivant :

Cliquez sur le bouton « Inscrivez-vous et déposez une demande d'adhésion », en gauche de la page. Après, dans le coin droit, cliquez sur « Créer un compte Google ». Ensuite, choisissez entre un compte Gmail (la première colonne) ou un autre compte (la deuxième colonne). Toutefois, il ne faut pas nécessairement avoir un compte Google (Gmail) afin d’accéder au Groupe Google.

Nous espérons vous y trouver en grand nombre !

Le Caucus des Étudiants des cycles supérieurs de la Société canadienne des Études classiques

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA

No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler

No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Conférences; appels à communications

No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses et concours

No announcement this month / Rien à signaler ce mois-ci

[6] Summer Study, Field School, Online Courses / Cours d'été, écoles de terrain, cours "en ligne"

From: Myles McCallum


The Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Saint Mary’s University will be offering a field school in the territories of Genzano di Lucania and Banzi, Basilicata, Italy. The field school will allow students to participate in an ongoing archaeological research project, (the Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project: BVARP, please see, focused on the reconstruction of settlement patterns in the Basentello River Valley of Basilicata for the purpose of understanding better the cultural interaction between pre-Roman indigenous peoples and Roman migrants and settlers. Students will learn the basic techniques of archaeological field survey, finds processing and analysis, environmental archaeology, photography, drawing, mapping, and data entry.  Students will also be able to participate in archaeological excavations at the early imperial villa site of San Felice and, possibly, in the excavation of a second century AD cemetery at the site of Vagnari. Students will work 5 days a week on site and will have their weekends free to visit nearby archaeological and touristic sites such as Venosa, Lecce, Bari, Matera, Metapontum, the Gargano Peninsula, and Trani, or to participate in organized field trips to sites in the region. There will be one long weekend in the middle of the field school during which time students will be given a guided tour of the site of Pompeii.

Dates: July 15 to August 17, 2012

Academic Credit:6.0 credits (3.0 credits in CLAS 3610, Field Study in Roman Archaeology and 3.0 credits in CLAS 3611, Laboratory Methods in Roman Archaeology).  The course will be taken as a visiting student through Saint Mary’s University.

Participation Fee: $2,000.00 CAD (estimated and subject to change).  This fee covers room and board, all course equipment/supplies, and car rental for travel to the survey area.  Nota bene:  This does not include student airfare to and from Italy, or travel to Gravina in Puglia within Italy.  Students should budget an additional $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 dollars depending on their travel dates and point of departure.

Lodging: Rental apartments in Genzano di Lucania (Potenza), Italy

Food: Students will eat lunches either in the field or in the rental apartments, depending on the day’s activities. Dinners will be taken in the apartments, although once a week we will eat our evening meal in a local restaurant.

Other costs: Student travel on weekends; souvenirs; internet.  These incidental costs will likely total between $300 and $500.00 CAD.

Prerequisites: 3.0 credits in Classics or archaeology

[7] Varia (including members' new books and doctoral dissertations /
dont les nouveaux livres et thèses de doctorat des membres)

From: Chris Wallace / Chris Dawson

The Canadian Institute in Greece wants an electronic copy of your MA/PhD thesis for its library.  The Institute maintains a small library as part of its facilities in Athens. Our mission is to provide resources for new and exciting research on all aspects of Greek history, literature and archaeology, and to provide a showcase for Canadian research on those topics.  There is no better way for us to achieve both of those goals than to start a repository for the top-level research coming out of Canadian graduate programs (and graduate students).

We are asking that any interested graduate students send us a copy of the final version of their thesis as a PDF to: Your copyright will be protected; they will only be available on a computer in the CIG library that will not allow uploading or copying of files to external media.

We will send this message out periodically, and we would ask your help in passing it along to other graduate students whom we may have missed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Wallace via email. For more on the history and direction of the CIG, visit us at


L'Institut canadien en Grèce, situé à Athènes, possède une petite bibliothèque à laquelle nous aimerions ajouter votre thèse de doctorat ou votre mémoire de maîtrise en version PDF. Notre mission est de fournir des ressources pour des nouvelles recherches sur tous les aspects de l'histoire, de la littérature et de l'archéologie grecque, et également d’offrir un moyen pour mettre en évidence la recherche canadienne concernant ces sujets. Pour bien mener cette mission à ses fins, nous envisageons l’établissement d’une banque de données comprenant les meilleures recherches de maitrise et doctorat des programmes canadiens d’études supérieures.

Nous invitons donc tous les étudiants à nous fournir une copie PDF de la version finale de leur thèse ou mémoire à: Les droits d’auteurs seront, bien entendu, respectés. Les thèses et mémoires seront gardés dans un seul ordinateur dans la bibliothèque de l’ICG, sans que personne ait la possibilité de transférer des données à des sources externes.

Ce message sera envoyé périodiquement et nous vous prions de bien vouloir le passer à d’autres étudiants qui n’ont pas eu la chance de le recevoir. S'il vous plaît, si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas de me les poser. Pour plus d'informations sur l'histoire et la direction de l'ICG, visitez notre site web:

Judith Fletcher, Performing Oaths in Classical Greek Drama (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

John C.Yardley (translation & appendices), Pat Wheatley and Waldemar Heckel (commentary), Justin, Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus. Volume ii: Books 13-15: The Successors to Alexander the Great (Clarendon Ancient History Series — Oxford University Press, 2011).

From: Thierry Petit

La « Chronique des fouilles en Grèce » et la « Chronique des fouilles à Chypre », qui paraissaient dans le Bulletin de correspondance hellénique, sont désormais disponibles en ligne (et depuis 2009 seulement en ligne), en commun entre le BCH et l'ABSA. On les trouve à l'adresse suivante :

From: Obert Bernard


This e-mail serves to inform you about the new website of The Classical Association of Zimbabwe. Click here to view contents:

Your comments are most welcome as we look forward to improving it.

From: Lisa Trentin

Because Classics Matters!

The Ontario Classical Association is currently developing an outreach programme (Because Classics Matters!), for official launch in mid-2012. This programme seeks to promote the Classics to communities outside academia, with a particular interest in engaging secondary students in order to create a stronger connection between our schools and universities.

Many members of the CAC are already actively involved in Classics outreach. The OCA would like to hear from you, to identify the types of initiatives that have proven successful across the country, as well as those that might be developed in the future. In this way, we hope to build a centralized network to facilitate mutually beneficial activities and events between university faculty and high school teaching staff, as well as others in the community at large. Although this programme will initially focus on southern Ontario, we plan, in time, to establish similar systems across the provinces in partnership with the CAC. This will be the topic of a proposed roundtable discussion at the CAC/SCÉC Annual Meeting in 2012.
Joint members of the CAC and OCA are asked to consider volunteering their time towards various outreach initiatives and to address these to the OCA. We are especially interested in individuals (and actively encourage junior or early career scholars) who would be willing to give short (20-30 minute), informal presentations on their research and/or general talks to promote the Classics (i.e. ‘What you can do with a degree in Classics or Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology’). We also encourage collaborative efforts – colleagues working together on an excavation or translation project are especially welcome. This initiative is not designed to further enrolment for a single department or university, but rather, to advance the study of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology more generally and give students a feel for what university Classics looks like. To have your name added to a list which can then be paired with interested secondary schools in your area, please email Lisa Trentin ( All arrangements will be made via the OCA, based on available schedules provided by all parties involved. Further enquiries can be directed to Lisa Trentin using the subject line “OCA CLASSICS OUTREACH”. 

Thanks in advance for your support!