1 — Formal Call for Nominations / Appel officiel de candidatures

2 — CAC on-line membership


1 — Formal Call for Nominations 2011 / Appel officiel de candidatures 2011

See attached nomination form / Voir le formulaire ci-joint

From: Jonathan Edmondson
(Le français suit l'anglais)

The Nominating Committee (2011) of the Classical Association of Canada —Jonathan Edmondson (York University, Chair, ex officio), Pascale Fleury (Université Laval), Bruce Robertson (Mt Allison University) and Selina Stewart (University of Alberta)— invites members to submit nominations for five positions which will fall vacant in May 2011:

All nominations must meet the requirements of the By-Laws of the Association (see FORM) and be submitted to the Secretary by 20 February 2011 at the following address:

Dr. John Serrati, Secretary, CAC/SCEC,
Department of History, McGill University,
608 Leacock Building,
855 Sherbrooke Street West,
Montreal, QC, H3A 2T7.
[Fax: 514-398-8365]

[Editor's note: the form is also posted online on the CAC website]


Le comité des candidatures (2011) de la Société canadienne des Études classiques —Jonathan Edmondson (Université York, président, ex officio), Pascale Fleury (Laval), Selina Stewart (Alberta) et Bruce Robertson (Mt Allison)— invite les membres à soumettre des mises en candidature pour cinq postes vacants au conseil à partir de mai 2011:

Toutes les mises en candidature doivent être conformes aux règlements de la Société (voir le FORMULAIRE) et être soumises au secrétaire, avant le 20 février 2011, à l’adresse suivante:

Dr. John Serrati, Secrétaire, SCEC/CAC,
Department of History, McGill University,
608 Leacock Building, 855 rue Sherbrooke Ouest,
Montréal, QC, H3A 2T7.
[télécopieur: 514-398-8365]

[NDLR: Le formulaire (version française aux pages 3-4) est aussi accessible sur le site de la SCEC.]

2 — CAC on-line membership

From: Ingrid Holmberg

The CAC's membership has now gone live on-line, as many of you know.  Already, approximately 20% of you have renewed your memberships successfully, so thank you for that.  A very small minority of you have experienced a set of problems with the site; I beg your indulgence with this, since any new site will have a few glitches here and there.  The issues have been:

1.  Your server sends messages that the site is not secure.  The site is indeed very secure; the security certificate was renewed last week by FedCan, which hosts our membership site.  You have several options.  You can ignore and proceed through, if your server will allow. You can enter the URL manually (https://www.fedcan-association.ca/cac-scec). You can try another server; one colleague switched to Explorer and had success.  My contact at FedCan is working on this now.    

2.  After entering your information, you cannot proceed to the "pay" page.  FedCan is also working on this.  My only suggestion for this would be to try to enter the site again after logging out completely, and to proceed from the "welcome" page through the dues categories. For those of you experiencing this issue, I would ask that instead of giving up and sending me a cheque, that you wait until FedCan has solved this issue.  This way we can get as many individuals using the site successfully as possible (and also releasing your Treasurer from the manual labour that has been involved until now).   

3.  Your e-mail service sends the renewal to "junk" as SPAM.  If you have not received a renewal or sign-up notice, you should probably check your "junk" folder.  And if the mail has gone to junk, you may want to consider adjusting this in your mail program.

I will be away from my desk until Feb. 1.  Please feel free to e-mail in the interim with your problems or concerns, and I will address them when I return.

Ingrid E. Holmberg
Treasurer, CAC