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Published by e-mail by the Classical Association of Canada
Publication électronique de la Société canadienne des études classiques

President / président: Alison Keith (University of Toronto)
Secretary / secrétaire: John Serrati (McGill University, Montreal)
Treasurer / trésorière: Ingrid Holmberg (University of Victoria)


Contents / Table des matières

[1] Association Announcements & News / Annonces & nouvelles de l'Association
      ~  Changes of land and email addresses / Changements d'adresse postale et électronique

[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA
      ~  Cf. [1] above  /  Voir [1] ci-dessus

[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler
      ~  Manitoba: Greek and Latin Language and Literature

[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Conférences
      ~  CAC Western Lecture Tour
      ~  AIEGL Berlin Congress in 2012 / Congrès de l'AIEGL à Berlin en 2012

[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses & concours
      ~  CAC Sight Translation competition / Concours de version de la SCEC
      ~  CAC Undergraduate Essay Competition

[6] Summer Study & Field Schools
      ~  UVic in Greece and Turkey

[7] Varia
      ~  Recent Classics at McGill: a reply
      ~  Reminder: Ontario Grad Day at Brock


[1]  Association Announcements & News / Annonces & nouvelles de l'Association

From: Ingrid Holmberg & Guy Chamberland

We would like to remind you to contact either the Treasurer ( &/or the Editor of the CCB ( about any change of land or email address. Thank you!

La trésorière ( se joint au rédacteur du BCEA ( pour vous rappeler de nous informer de tout changement d'adresse postale et/ou électronique. Merci!


[2] CCB Announcements / Annonces du BCÉA

Cf. [1] above. / Voir [1] ci-dessus.


[3] Positions Available / Postes à combler

From: Mark Joyal

Faculty of Arts
University of Manitoba
Position Vacancy # 11654

The Department of Classics, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Manitoba invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position in Greek and Latin Language and Literature at the rank of Assistant Professor. The successful candidate shall have an active research program within the broad spectrum of Classical philology, demonstrated competence in both languages and a readiness to teach both Greek and Latin at all undergraduate levels and one or both at the M.A. level. The appointee must also teach lecture courses in "Classical Studies" including survey courses on Greek and Roman civilization, Classical Mythology and Classical Literature in Translation. Duties will also include supervision of M.A. theses and service to the Department, Faculty and University. Candidates are requested to demonstrate success in both research and teaching and to present evidence of an agenda of scholarship and scholarly publication. The appointee shall have been awarded a Ph.D. by the effective date of the appointment, July 1, 2011.

The Department of Classics at the University of Manitoba currently has a vigorous staff complement of five permanent members with professorial rank. This complement is regularly augmented by part-time and/or temporary lecturers, instructors, post-doctoral fellows and teaching assistants.  The Department offers undergraduate major and minor programs in Greek, Latin and Classical Studies and an M.A. in Classics. Further information on the Department is available at

Starting salary will reflect the qualifications and experience of the appointee.

The University of Manitoba encourages applications from qualified women and men, including members of visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Applications for this position must include a letter of application, a curriculum vitae and three confidential letters of reference sent directly by the referees. Candidates should also include samples of scholarly writing (no more than 50 pages--these will not be returned) and descriptions of research agendas, and evidence of effective teaching such as teaching evaluations, sample course outlines and a statement of teaching philosophy. Applications should be sent to:

Dr. Mark Joyal, Chair
Department of Classics Search Committee
University of Manitoba
220 Dysart Road, Room 364
Winnipeg, MB Canada R3T 2M8

(204) 474-9502
FAX (204) 474-7658

The deadline for receipt of applications is November 15, 2010. Applications, including letters of reference, will be handled in accordance with the "The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act" (Manitoba). Please note that curriculum vitas may be provided to participating members of the search process.


[4] Calls for Papers; Conference & Lecture Announcements / Appels aux communications; conférences

From: James Chlup

Classical Association of Canada Western Lecture Tour

This year's lecturer is Dr. Jitse Dijkstra of the University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa.

Sunday, 26 September
University of Manitoba (co-hosted with the Classical Association of Manitoba) The Fate of Temples in Late Antique Egypt: Destruction or Recycling?

Monday, 27 September
University of Winnipeg
Scratched in Stone: The Isis Temple Graffiti Project

Tuesday, 28 September
University of Alberta
The Fate of Temples in Late Antique Egypt: Destruction or Recycling?

Wednesday, 29 September
University of Calgary
Scratched in Stone: The Isis Temple Graffiti Project

Thursday, 30 September
University of British Columbia
The Fate of Temples in Late Antique Egypt: Destruction or Recycling?

Friday, 1 October
University of Victoria
The Fate of Temples in Late Antique Egypt: Destruction or Recycling?

Enquiries may be directed to the lecture tour organiser, Dr. James Chlup, at
James T. Chlup, Ph.D. (Dunelm)
Assistant Professor of Ancient History
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R3T 2M8
T: +204 474-9171 F: +204 474-7684

*** *** ***

From: Guy Chamberland

I am forwarding a message sent by Werner Eck about the next Congress of the Association Internationale d'Epigraphie Grecque et Latine. / Ci-dessous une traduction française du message envoyé par Werner Eck sur le prochain congrès de l'Association Internationale d'épigraphie grecque et latine.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 14th International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Humboldt University, Berlin, will take place in Berlin from 27 to 31 August 1912.  The web-site address of the Congress is

Updated information about the preparations for the Congress will be provided in a Newsletter.  Please contact us at if you would like to receive this Newsletter.  This will also provide us with your most recent e-mail address.  However, subscribing to the Newsletter does not constitute an application to attend the Congress.

We would be grateful if you would send this e-mail on to other interested individuals and Institutions, especially to younger colleagues.  We would also be grateful if you could pass the details to any colleagues without a personal e-mail address.  We will of course send information by post to any who request this.

In the hope that very many of you accept out invitation, and with warm greetings on behalf of the local Organising Committee,

Werner Eck

- - -

Mesdames, Messieurs, chères/chers Collègues,

Le XIVe Congrès International d'épigraphie grecque latine se tiendra à Berlin du 27 au 31 août 2012 sur l'invitation de l'Académie des Sciences de Berlin-Brandenburg et de l'Université Humboldt de Berlin, en collaboration avec l'Institut allemand d'archéologie (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut). Vous êtes invités à visiter le site internet du Congrès à l'adresse suivante:
Les dernières nouvelles sur la préparation du congrès seront communiquées par bulletins occasionnels. Veuillez nous informer de votre désir de recevoir ces bulletins en nous contactant à l'adresse suivante:
Ce sera aussi une manière pour nous d'obtenir votre plus récente adresse courriel. L'abonnement au bulletin ne vous engage aucunement à vous inscrire au congrès.

Nous vous serions reconnaissants de bien vouloir transmettre cette invitation à toute personne ou institution intéressée, notamment aux jeunes chercheurs.

Dans l'espoir que vous serez nombreux à accepter notre invitation, je vous prie d'agréer, au nom du comité organisateur, mes plus cordiales salutations,

Werner Eck


[5] Scholarships & Competitions / Bourses & concours

From: Alison Barclay

Classical Association of Canada: Sight Translation Competitions in Greek and Latin
Société Canadienne des Études Classiques: Concours national de versions grecque et latine

National sight examinations in Greek and Latin for Canadian students at both the university and high school level will be held in January of 2011:

--January 13, 2011: National Latin Sight Translation Competition for High School Students
--January 20, 2011: Junior Latin Sight Translation Contest; Senior Latin Sight Translation Contest (Peter Lawson Smith Prize)
--January 27, 2011: Junior Greek Sight Translation Contest (Margaret H. Thompson Prize); Senior Greek Sight Translation Contest

Deadline for application submissions: 17 December 2010

Please note: Submissions should be presented by departments, not by individual students or faculty. Please submit only one application per institution.

For more information and the procedure for application, please visit:

or contact:

Dr. Alison Barclay
Assistant Professor of Classics
Dept. of Modern Languages and Classics
St. Mary's University
Halifax, NS  B3H 3C3
Tel:  (902) 420-5816
Fax:  (902)  491-8694

- - -

Société Canadienne des Etudes Classiques: Concours national de versions grecque et latine

Le concours national de versions grecque et latine aura lieu en janvier 2011:

--13 janvier 2011 Concours de version latine improvisée pour les écoles secondaires
--20 janvier 2011 Concours national de version latine, niveau intermédiaire; Concours national de version latine, niveau supérieur (Peter Lawson Smith Prize)
--27 janvier 2011 Concours national de version grecque, niveau intermédiaire (Margaret H. Thompson Prize); Concours national de version grecque, niveau supérieur

Date limite d'inscription: 17 décembre 2010

Les demandes d'inscription au concours doivent être envoyées par les insitutions. Chaque institution est priée de présenter une seule fiche de demande.

Renseignements: pour plus d'information, veuillez suivre le lien ci-dessous:

ou soumettre votre demande à:

Dr. Alison Barclay
Assistant Professor of Classics
Dept. of Modern Languages and Classics
St. Mary's University
Halifax, NS  B3H 3C3
Téléphone:  (902) 420-5816
Télécopieur:  (902) 491-8694

*** *** ***

From: Bonnie MacLachlan

CAC Undergraduate Essay Competition -- 2010

There were 24 papers submitted in all -- 14 Junior and 10 Senior, and 5 French submissions. Some very high quality work and creativity is reflected in these essays, demonstrating that we have reason to trust the current level of undergraduate teaching and performance in Canadian Classics.
The winner at the Junior level is Mark Rendell, from King's College, Halifax. His paper, "Philo and Allegory," was an excellent study of Philo's struggle to reconcile polytheistic pagan thought with his commitment to monotheistic Judaism. Mark argues (and demonstrates) that Philo resorted to allegory to resolve his dilemma.
In a competition of this sort one is often assessing the relative merits of apples and oranges. As a result, there are two contestants who earned first place in the Senior division, both engaged in top-quality work, but in two vastly different areas. Alin Mocanu of Université de Montréal wrote a thoughtful and thoroughly-argued paper on the elegiac features of Horace's Twelfth Epode, entitled "Une nouvelle interpretation de l'Épode 12 d'Horace." At the other end of the disciplinary spectrum was the second first place winner, Ruben Post of the University of Victoria, whose paper "The Bithynian Army in the Hellenistic Period" collected various sorts of evidence to provide details about the armour, equipment, tactics and interactions of the Bithynian and Greek warriors, along with those of the mercenary Thracians and Galatians who fought on occasion with, on occasion against, them.
Deciding on the top ranking was not easy, for there were many strong contenders for first place.


[6] Summer Study & Field School

From: Sonja Bermingham

University of Victoria
Department of Greek and Roman Studies

UVic in Greece and Turkey

May 1-26, 2011

The University of Victoria announces a travel study-course in Greece and Turkey for May 2011. The program lasts 4 weeks, starting May 1 in Athens. Estimated program fee is $3600 for ground/sea transportation, hotel accommodation, breakfasts and some dinners, from May 1-26. Students may enroll in GRS 395 for 3 units of credit (normally 2 courses). UVic tuition is separate as is overseas airfare to/from Greece. The program is in its fifth year, and will again be taught by Professor Brendan Burke.

Important dates:
January 10, 2011 Application, waiver forms, and 700$ deposit (refundable).
January 15, 2011 Applicants notified of acceptance.
March 1, 2011 full payment due.
Application materials and more information can be found at


[7] Varia

From: Wade Richardson

Recent Classics at McGill: A Reply

The formation of a Department of History and Classical Studies, as announced by Hans Beck in the regular August issue of CCB, fully merits the congratulation that I have offered him, but his narrative is in need of correcting. Hans's statement that Classics "witnessed a gradual disintegration" in the 1990s, resulting in the offering, since 1997, out of History, of "selected undergraduate degree options," might innocently convey the impression that during this era Classics witnessed a gradual disintegration and was able to offer selected undergraduate degree options. I and my then colleagues Anne Carson and Michael Silverthorne would have preferred to call it a time of holding the fort until the cavalry could arrive. But we should let the verifiable facts speak for themselves. Between 1997 and the arrival of Hans in about 2005, Anne, Michael and I supervised the awarding of seven Classics doctorates, and several M.A.s. No period in my fifty years of acquaintance, and perhaps ever, has approached this level of focused graduate student productivity. And at undergraduate level the Arts Faculty maximum of degree options and concentrations continued and was vigorously subscribed:  Majors, Minors, Honours and Joint Honours. I assure my CAC friends and colleagues and the many recent excellent students who passed through our hands and went on to top graduate schools and, in several cases, to careers in the profession, that I and my fellow teachers never allowed any dearth of resources to interfere with the quality of the Classics product that we could design and deliver.

*** *** ***

From: Fanny Dolansky

Please circulate the following message among your students:

The Department of Classics at Brock University is pleased to host this year's Ontario Grad Day on Saturday, October 23 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Meet faculty and hear about MA and PhD programs in Classics and Classical Archaeology at universities in Ontario, Quebec, and New York state. Learn about funding opportunities including SSHRC and OGS, overseas projects, and more. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend.

For those who register before October 15, lunch will be provided free of charge. Registration information and additional details (including a campus map) will be available at the department's home page as of September 17:
For questions, please contact Prof. Allison Glazebrook (


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