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Available position
From: Terry Smith
CLST 101 -- Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization
GREK 208 -- Intermediate Greek
CLST 304* -- Archaeology of the Classical World and Hellenistic Period

Department of Classics
Queen's University, Kingston, ON CAN K7L 3N6
The Department of Classics at Queen's University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates interested in teaching CLST 101 -- Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization (1.0),  the first half (Fall Term) of GREK 208 -- Intermediate Greek (1.0.), and CLST 304 -- Archaeology of the Classical World and Hellenistic Period (0.5). CLST 101 and GREK 208 are on-campus, lecture courses with an expected enrolment of 385 and 20 students respectively.  CLST 304 is an on-campus, seminar course with an expected enrolment of 50 students. 

Candidates should have a Ph.D, and teaching experience at the university level in Classics.  This is a fall/winter term appointment for the period September 1 2010 to April 30, 2011, with classes in session from September 13, 2010 to April 8, 2011.

The University invites applications from all qualified individuals.  Queen's University is committed to employment equity and diversity in the workplace and welcomes applications from women, visible minorities, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity.  All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Academic professionals at Queen's University are governed by the Collective Agreement between the Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) and the University, which is posted at  A candidate qualified to teach may be considered for appointment to a Term Adjunct position as defined by the Collective Agreement for All Faculty, Librarians and Archivist between QUFA and Queen's University.  Remuneration will be in accordance with the Collective Agreement, and appointments are subject to funding or enrolment criteria.  A suitably qualified candidate who is a graduate student at Queen's teaching a course in their discipline is eligible for appointment as a Teaching Fellow during the period of their employment.  If the graduate student is teaching a course in a different discipline then they would be eligible for appointment as a Term Adjunct.  

Applications should include a complete and current curriculum vitae, letters of reference from two (2) referees, and any other relevant materials the candidate wishes to submit for consideration such as a letter of intent, teaching dossier, etc.  Please arrange to have applications and supporting letters sent directly to:
Dr. Caroline Falkner, Head
Department of Classics
Queen’s University
Kingston Ontario Canada K7L 3N6
Applications will be received until June 15th.  Review of applications will commence shortly thereafter, and the final appointment is subject to budgetary approval.  Additional information about the Department of Classics can be found at

Course Descriptions:
CLST-101/1.0 -- Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization [3L]
An introduction to major themes in the development of Greek and Roman civilization using the evidence of literature, history and archaeology.  Some attention will be given to those aspects of ancient cultural and intellectual growth that are of significance in the western tradition.

GREK-208/1.0 -- Intermediate Greek [3L/S]
Review of grammar followed by a study of a work of Euripides. In addition to developing facility in translation, study of literary content and background of authors.
PREREQUISITE: 4U Greek or GREK 112 (or equivalent).

CLST-304*/0.5 -- Archaeology of the Classical World and Hellenistic Period [3L]
Intensive study of the achievements in architecture, painting and sculpture, and town planning from 480 B.C. to 31 B.C.
PREREQUISITE: One of CLST 101, 129, 200*, or permission of the Department.

Posted: May 19, 2010


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