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[1]  CCB/BCEA Announcements


No announcements this bulletin.

[2] Association Announcements and News

No announcements this bulletin.

[3] Positions Available

From: James T. Chlup <>

University of Manitoba

Faculty of Arts
Position Vacancy # 08481
University of Manitoba
The Department of Classics, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Manitoba invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position in Greek and Latin Language and Literature at the rank of Assistant Professor. The successful candidate shall have special scholarly interests and competence somewhere within the broad spectrum of Classical Philology, demonstrated competence in both languages and a readiness to teach both Greek and Latin at all undergraduate levels and one or both at the M.A. level. The appointee must also teach lecture courses in ‘Classical Studies’ including survey courses on Greek and Roman civilization, Classical Mythology and Classical Literature in Translation. Duties will also include supervision of M.A. theses and service to the Department, Faculty and University.  Candidates are requested to demonstrate success in both research and teaching and to present evidence of an agenda of scholarship and scholarly publication. The appointee shall have been awarded a Ph.D. by the effective date of the appointment, July 1, 2009.

The Department of Classics at the University of Manitoba has a vigorous staff complement of 6 permanent members with professorial rank. This complement is regularly augmented by part-time and/or temporary lecturers, instructors, post-doctoral fellows and teaching assistants.  The Department offers undergraduate major and minor programs in Greek, Latin and Classical Studies and an M.A. in Classics. Further information on the Department is available at

Starting salary will reflect the qualifications and experience of the appointee.

The University of Manitoba encourages applications from qualified women and men, including members of visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply although Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Applications for this position must include a letter of application, a curriculum vitae and three confidential letters of reference sent directly by the referees. Candidates may also include samples of scholarly writing and evidence of effective teaching, such as teaching evaluations and sample course outlines. Applications should be sent to:

Professor Rory B. Egan, Chair
Department of Classics Search Committee
364 University College
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB Canada R3T 2M8
(204) 474-9502 ; FAX (204) 474-7658;

The deadline for receipt of applications is December 1, 2008. Applications, including letters of reference, will be handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Manitoba).

[4] Calls for Papers and Conference/Lecture Announcements

From Kathryn Bosher <>

Andrew W. Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series at Northwestern University (2008-2010)
'Theatre After Athens: reception and revision of ancient Greek drama"

The Classical Traditions Initiative and the Department of Classics at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois are happy to announce the start of a two-year John E. Sawyer Seminar Series, entitled 'Theatre after Athens: Reception and Revision of Greek Drama.' In the first year, 2008-9, seminars and conferences will take up the theme of theatre produced outside Athens in antiquity. In the second year, 2009-10, a series of events will examine the reception of Greek drama in the United States. We warmly welcome participation in the series and invite you to look at our conference website, where more detailed information is provided:

Our main conference in the fall of 2008, Theatre Outside Athens: Drama in Ancient Greek Sicily and South Italy, will be held on November 7 and 8th. Speakers and respondents include: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes (Michigan),Anne Duncan (Nebraska-Lincoln), Laura Gawlinski (Loyola, Chicago), Jonathan Hall (Chicago), Marianne Hopman (NU), Bonnie MacLachlan (Western Ontario), Clemente Marconi (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU), Sara Monoson (NU), Inge Nielsen (Hamburg, Germany), Mark Payne (Chicago), Lucia Rodriguez Noriega Guillen (Oviedo, Spain), Ruth Scodel (Michigan),David Smith (San Francisco), Oliver Taplin (Oxford), Stefano Vassallo (Palermo Archaeological Superintendency, Sicily), Andreas Willi (Oxford, England), John Wynne (NU)

The details of the conference, Theatre Outside Athens: Drama in Ancient Greek Sicily and South Italy, may be found here:

The Sawyer grant also provides for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship to be held at Northwestern in 2009-10, and an announcement for this position will soon be on our website at


From William Dominik <>

The Literary Encyclopedia (Roman Literature): Expressions of Interest

Contributors are being sought for short contributions of 100 to 2500 words to The Literary Encyclopedia in the area of Latin Literature. The Literary Encyclopedia is an online resource at The Literary Encyclopedia is a collaborative project that has the eventual aim of aim of providing literary scholars and students in the English-speaking world with a reliable and comprehensive reference work on all literary and cultural history throughout time and throughout the world.

The editors of Latin Literature for The Literary Encyclopedia are:
William J. Dominik (WJD), University of Otago. E-mail:
Paul Roche (PR), University of Sydney. E-mail:

If you wish to write on one or more of the following authors and/or works, e-mail the editor indicated and include a brief summary of your research expertise and publications or a recent research curriculum vitae. The relevant editor will contact you if he is able to assign you your preferred author(s) and/or work(s); if this is not possible he may offer another author or work. Instructions for preparing articles will be sent to all contributors.

Apuleius (PR)
Aulus Gellius (PR)
Ausonius (PR)
Cicero, Cato Maior (PR)
Cicero, De Finibus (WJD)
Cicero, De Imperio Cnaeus Pompei (PR)
Cicero, De Inventione (WJD)
Cicero, De Legibus (WJD)
Cicero, De Natura Deorum (WJD)
Cicero, De Officiis (WJD)
Cicero, De Oratore (WJD)
Cicero, De Republica (WJD)
Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticus (PR)
Cicero, Epistulae ad Familiares (PR)
Cicero, In Catilinam (PR)
Cicero, In Verrem (PR)
Cicero, Orator (WJD)
Cicero, Pro Archia (PR)
Cicero, Pro Milone (PR)
Cicero, Pro Murena (PR)
Cicero, Pro Plancio (PR)
Cicero, Pro Publius Sulla (PR)
Cicero, Pro Roscio Amerino (PR)
Cicero, Pro Sestio (PR)
Cicero, Tusculanae Disputationes (PR)
Eusebius (WJD)
Horace (PR)
Horace, Ars Poetica (WJD)
Horace, Epistles 1 (PR)
Horace, Epistles 2 (PR)
Livy (PR)
Lucan (PR)
Lucretius (PR)
Macrobius (WJD)
Manilius (PR)
Ovid, Amores (PR)
Ovid, Ars Amatoria (PR)
Ovid, Epistulae ex Ponto (PR)
Ovid, Fasti (PR)
Ovid, Heroides (PR)
Ovid, Ibis (PR)
Ovid, Remedia Amoris (PR)
Ovid, Tristia (PR)
Plautus, Amphitruo (WJD)
Plautus, Aulularia (WJD)
Plautus, Casina (WJD)
Plautus, Menaechmi (WJD)
Plautus, Miles Gloriosus (WJD)
Plautus, Pseudolus (WJD)
Plautus, Stichus (WJD)
Plautus, Trinummus (WJD)
Pliny (the elder) (PR)
Pliny (the younger) (PR)
Pliny, Epistles (PR)
Pliny, Panegyricus (PR)
Quintilian (WJD)
Saint Augustine, Confessions (WJD)
Saint Augustine, De Civitate Dei (WJD)
Saint Augustine, On the Trinity (WJD)
Sallust (PR)
Seneca (the elder) (WJD)
Seneca, Agamemnon (WJD)
Seneca, Apocolocyntosis (WJD)
Seneca, De Beneficiis (WJD)
Seneca, De Clementia (WJD)
Seneca, Dialogi (WJD)
Seneca, Epistulae (WJD)
Seneca, Hercules (WJD)
Seneca, Hercules Oetaeus (WJD)
Seneca, Naturales Quaestiones (WJD)
Seneca, Oedipus (WJD)
Seneca, Phaedra (WJD)
Seneca, Thyestes (WJD)
Seneca, Troades (WJD)
Silius Italicus (PR)
Statius (PR)
Suetonius (PR)
Suetonius, Caesars (PR)
Suetonius, De Viris Illustribus (PR)
Sulpicia (PR)
Tacitus, Agricola (PR)
Tacitus, Annals (PR)
Tacitus, Germania (PR)
Tacitus, Histories (PR)
Terence, Adelphi (WJD)
Terence, Andria (WJD)
Terence, Eunuchus (WJD)
Terence, Heautonitimorunomenos (WJD)
Terence, Hecyra (WJD)
Terence, Phormio (WJD)
Tertullian (WJD)
Tibullus (PR)
Valerius Maximus (PR)

[5] Scholarships and Competitions

From Gerald Schaus <>

Canadian Institute in Greece: Graduate Fellowship in Athens

The Canadian Institute in Greece invites applications for the Homer and Dorothy Thompson Fellowship to be held at the Institute in Athens from 1 September, 2009 to 31 May, 2010.

The applicant must be pursuing graduate or post-doctoral studies and have a clear need to work in Greece, and must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

In addition to his or her studies, the Fellow will help the Assistant Director of CIG with work in the office and library (10 hours per week). Therefore, some previous experience in Greece and some knowledge of Modern Greek is an asset.

Stipend of $6000 and free accommodations in the CIG hostel for the period of the fellowship.

To apply, write to Dr. Sheila Campbell ( by 1 March 2009, including a curriculum vitae, outlining proposed research. Please provide the names of three referees with their email addresses who are willing to support your application.

[6] Summer Study and Field School

From Michael Cosmopoulos <>

Semester in Greece Program, University of Missouri-St. Louis

In Spring 2009, the Greek Studies Chair at the University of Missouri-St. Louis is organizing a Semester in Greece Program, with a strong Greek archaeology component.  Because the University does not charge overhead or administrative fees, the cost has been kept low.  If you know of any students who might be considering spending a semester in Greece, kindly direct them to the website, for more information.
With many thanks and best wishes,

Michael Cosmopoulos
Professor of Archaeology
The Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Endowed Professor  in Greek Studies
Department of Anthropology
University of Missouri
St. Louis, MO. 63121
Tel. (314) 516-6241
Fax (314) 516-7235

[7] Varia

No announcements this bulletin.

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