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Canadian Classical Bulletin/Bulletin canadien des études anciennes    (ISSN 1198-9149)
Volume 12.11.2 (2006 09 01)
Editors/Redacteurs: J. W. Geyssen (University of New Brunswick) & J. R. Porter (University of Saskatchewan)     <

Published by the Classical Association of Canada/ Publié par la société canadienne des études classiques

President: Martin Cropp (University of Calgary) <>
Secretary/Secretaire: Patrick Baker (Université Laval) <>
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        1. Conference Announcements
                     (Strangers and Exiles in the Roman World)

Conference Announcements

From: S.C. Russell

Strangers and Exiles in the Roman World

[Note that this is an amended version of the notice that appeared in CCB/BCEA 12.11.1]

The McMaster Classics Graduate Students will be hosting a Graduate Conference on Saturday, September 30. The conference is entitled "Strangers and Exiles in the Roman World" and we are thrilled to have Dr. Erich Gruen (Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of History and Classics at UC Berkeley) as our keynote speaker. The thrust of the conference will be exploring the manner in which outsiders were perceived and treated in the Roman world — both how 'Romans' were treated abroad and how 'non-Romans' (the terms themselves are obviously loose constructions) were treated by the Romans and how typically marginalized social groups were viewed by Roman officials. It is a broad topic but focused enough that we have received, and now accepted, many excellent papers from all over North America. These include: the social acceptance and treatment of midwives, Ovid's perspective as an exile, Tacitus' perceptions of the Britains, proto-Latin and the role of language in cultural perception, the perceptions of magic and magicians in Petronius, Josephus as the archetypal 'Roman' insider and outsider, and more.

Registration ($15 for students and $25 dollars for non-students) will take place on Saturday, September 30, from 8:30-9:00 am at Gilmour Hall, room 111 (McMaster University). Lunch is included with registration if registered by September 21st. Anyone wishing to contact us should email us at <>.

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