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Volume 11.4.1 (2005 01 05)
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        1. Calls for Papers
                     (APA Montreal Meeting January 2006)

Calls for Papers
From: Martin Cropp

APA Montreal Meeting January 2006:
Panel on North American Classics

Canadian input is being sought or an American Classical League (ACL) panel on North American Classics: Past, Present, Future, to be held at the APA's 2006 meeting in Montreal. Organizers are Paul Properzio (Boston Latin Academy) and Kenneth Kitchell (ACL President).The panel will focus on the history, present state, and future challenges facing the study and teaching of the Classics at all levels in the United States and Canada. Questions which may be addressed: Are conditions for Classics different in the two countries? Do they differ region to region within the same country? What are the driving forces behind change in the respective countries? Are there programs of distinction that could be recognized as models for training pre-collegiate teachers? What is the state of the supply of pre-collegiate teachers of the Classics and how might the two countries collaborate in this area? Papers may focus on a single problem or time period or take a historical or comparative approach. Papers addressing possible joint ventures between Canadian and American classics programs and organizations are especially encouraged. Deadline for receipt of submissions is February 1, 2005.

Would anyone interested in contributing to this please contact both Martin Cropp ( and Catherine Rubincam ( as soon as possible. Catherine Rubincam is hoping to discuss plans for the panel with the organizers at the APA meeting in Boston later this week.

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