Appels à communications / Call for Papers

Titre de la conférence / Conference Title : Change and Continuity in the Ancient World

Date de la conférence / Date of Conference : February 27, 2010

Date limite pour la soumission du résumé / Closing Date for Abstracts : November 16, 2009 December 15, 2009.

De / From :  Fanny Dolansky





February 27, 2010 at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario

Dr. Brad Ault, Associate Professor, The University at Buffalo

The graduate students of the Department of Classics at Brock University are pleased to announce our second annual Graduate Student Conference to be held on Saturday, February 27, 2010.  The purpose of this year’s conference is to explore moments of change and continuity in the ancient world through the analysis of literature, art history, and material culture.  Who or what brought about or resisted these transformations and how?  What purpose did such changes serve?  What mechanisms were in place to mark or resist socio-political transitions?  What do developments in art and architecture indicate about social, political, and religious ideologies?  What theoretical models help us understand these processes?  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: the shift from Archaic to Classical art that was marked by the advent of realism and rhythm; the transition from Republic to Empire and its impact on political, religious, or cultural institutions in Italy and the provinces; political, social, and religious commentary on events of the 5th and 4th centuries BCE as portrayed through tragedy and comedy such as in Aeschylus’ Persians or Aristophanes’ Clouds; and images and ideas of transformation and conversion in literary works such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Apuleius’ Golden Ass.  We welcome abstracts on the conference theme from archaeological, historical, artistic, and literary perspectives.  The call for papers is open to graduate students at all levels in Classics, Classical Archaeology, Art History, and related fields.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words and will be evaluated anonymously by a committee.  Please email your abstract (to the address below) without identifying information as an attachment in MS Word or as a .pdf file, and place your name, year, program of study, and current location in the body of the email.  If selected, presenters should prepare oral papers that are 15-20 minutes in length.  Please send abstracts, as well as any general enquiries, to Lana Radloff at by November 16, 2009 December 15, 2009. Abstracts will be reviewed by a committee and a tentative program made available by December 10, 2009.

The conference will take place in the Sankey Chamber at Brock University on February 27, 2010 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all participants.


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